Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus and Gravity

It's been awhile since I've been here. That's mostly because I attempt to live each day to the fullest--and I'm usually so exhausted that leaving my thoughts here is not as compelling as dropping into bed to read from the Good Book.

Why I've been afflicted with these two diseases I'll most likely never know, but I do know that I was put here for a purpose. Maybe, just writing about them is the reason. Maybe not. That message has not yet been given to me.

Chronic fatigue and widespread pain are my constant companions. Getting up each morning is akin to attempting to break the high jump record at the Summer Olympics. Sometimes pushing my arthritic joints to carry me to the bathroom in time and before my hips lock up is akin to a march through the desert. That's probably information no one needs.

I'm thankful for what abilities and talents have been afforded me. Writing and painting bring joy to my life. Sharing my art leaves satisfaction abundant in my soul.

This video of Dolly Parton confirms my reason for being on this earth today:


Anonymous said...

I'm a 41 year old Hippie chef, and I'm in almost the exact same boat.
I've been after the disability folks for more than 5 years, whole process twice.
After the holidays,I will endeavor to start the whole mess over, again.
Hang in there.
Amfortas the Hippie.
( I'm somewhat more Liberal than you appear to be..but I won't hold it against ya.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post....I also have Fibro and OA....I was not aware of this Video/Song of Dolly Pardons....I love it and I so needed it today. This a.m. After two nights of tossing and turning in pain....thank you...Debbie/Oregon

EMR said...

Pain is really hard to sustain sometimes.But the best part is that it goes away after a while and I keep reminding myself about that when I go through crucial stages.